Valued on the ocean around the world

If you are involved in purse seine fishing, you cannot miss the stainless steel hardware made by ASANO,
which excels at planning and developing highly specialized products for over 70 years in Japan.

Among its wide variety of fishing gear,  fishing net fittings such as purse rings and rigging hooks
have gained good reputation not only in Japan but also in many countries like U.S., Norway, Spain,
Australia and Chile.

Above all, ASANO’s all stainless steel hardware for purse seine are highly specialized to suit the fishing method,
and have superior corrosion- and abrasion-resistant characteristics.

We picked up 3 featured products that we highly recommend including a new Purse Ring for this article.
Check them out!

1. Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA

We have been eagerly developing several Purse Rings for these years while paying attention to customer
demands and making efforts to comply with customer requirements.
Among the Purse Rings, this Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA is a brand-new model that is equipped with two gates,
one at the top and the other at the center, which employ the same mechanism as ASANO’s Auto Shackle.
Each gate can be released from two directions, front and side.
The easy gate opening operation of the Purse Ring Type O-IIA brings safety and efficiency to work on board.


2. Auto Shackle Type Ⅲ

Auto shackles have been developed to be used to connect a net and rings (purse rings) at the
bottom of the net for purse seine fishing. Auto shackles have been developed to provide two
functions that are usually conflicting: “secure rigging” and “quick release”.
The simple mechanism of a gate that can easily be opened by inserting a sharp tool such as a
spike into the hole in the body has gained a good reputation.
Basic Auto Shackle is a long selling product that has been on the market for over 20 years.
They come in a variety of types such as types II, IIS, Ⅲ and Ⅳ, and are used in a range of different fields.


3. Snap Hook

Snap hooks are a component of rigging hardware that can be used for a range of purposes in
any locations on ships and land. In contrast to its compact appearance, it is remarkably strong.
The 3SH size model (working load limit 2.5 tons) has been newly added to the lineup and is
suitable for an environment that requires sturdier tools than the 1SH (1.3 tons) or 2SH (1.8tons).
ASANO’s superior casting technology has been applied to trim the thickness of the hook’s body
to the limit to make the product compact and exceptionally strong.
Owing to the highly reliable interlock system that has been incorporated into the gate section,
Snap Hooks are used and valued along with Auto Shackles on oceans around the world.

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