Snap Hook


A Snap Hook is a component of rigging hardware that can be used for a range of purposes in any locations on ships and land. This product is compact and extremely strong. Our Snap Hooks come in three different models that can be selected according to where they will be used. The working load limit of the smallest model 1SH is 1.3 tons, the 2SH, 1.8 tons, and the 3SH, 2.5 tons. The tension of opening and closing of the gate can be adjusted by the screw at the top. ASANO's superior casting technology has been utilized to create this highly unique product by taking usability into consideration in terms of fine details.

■Material: Special stainless steel,  Spring: SUS304, Lock pin: copper alloy,  Set screw: SUS304

*Usage precautions: Your fingers may be caught between the body and the gate when opening and closing the gate due to the structure of the product. Wear gloves and take care that your fingers do not get caught.


Key Features

  • Feature 01

    Excellent load bearing characteristic thanks to the interlocking system

    Feature 01

    Excellent load bearing characteristic thanks to the interlocking system

    The interlock system where the gate tip fits into the body is used for the gate section. Even when lifting a heavy load, the main body is firmly engaged with the gate to achieve a high working load limit.

  • Feature 02

    Delicate forms created by casting

    Feature 02

    Delicate forms created by casting

    A curve created on the surface of the gate makes it easy for a finger or a rope to press on the gate. Snap Hooks are designed using round shapes that are easy on ropes, etc.

  • Feature 03

    Compact yet durable

    Feature 03

    Compact yet durable

    Product testing is carried out to comply with various usage conditions. Sections that are stressed from various directions during actual operations have been made thicker to improve strength.

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RFQ Drawing No. List Price Size  S(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) B(mm) H(mm) H1(mm) H2(mm) D(mm) Unit Weight(g) Work Load Limit(kg)
AK18315 $219.00 1SH 25 124 96 72 18 16 22 24 600 1300
AK18316 $263.50 2SH 28 143 110 81 20 18 24 27 900 1800
AK18317 $414.00 3SH 32 177 128 109 22 20 30 30 1600 2500


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