2023.07.21Feature product

This Month’s Feature: Snap Hook



Widely used on ships where rigging is required

Snap Hooks are items of rigging hardware that are perfect match for anywhere on ships where rigging is required.

The use of interlocking mechanism for the gate in particular helps to significantly
increase the load limit. The T-shape tip fits snuggly into the hook body to keep loads secure.
With a size that fits in the palm of your hand, the Snap Hook (1SH) is capable of loads up to 1.3 t.
This means more convenient to use on ships, combined with significant cost benefits.


Valued on oceans around the world

Owing to the highly reliable interlocking mechanism that has been incorporated  into the gate section,
Snap Hooks are used and valued along with Auto Shackles on oceans around the world.

This smash hit product comes in 3 sizes; 1SH, 2SH and 3SH. Its working load limit is 1.3 t, 1.8 t and 2.5 t respectively.
Superb operability is ensured by smooth movement of the gate, which has a rounded shape that fits well
with fingers and ropes.

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