Check your availability for the exhibition, now !

From 10th to 12th October, ASANO will join the DanFish, one of the most important
exhibitions in the world for equipment and services for the fishing industry held in Aalborg, Denmark.

■ Venue: Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, Denmark. (Open in Google Map)

■ Opening Hours: 10–12 October 2023, 10.00am-17.00pm (16.00pm on 12th only)

■ ASANO Stand Number: E539


This is our 3rd time to have a stand in the exhibition.
We have been looking forward to this exciting opportunity to meet people in the industry
and to show our highly specialized products, including new Purse Ring.
Check out a couple of our advanced products that will be on display at the show, in advance.
We are pleased to hear your feedback in face at DanFish 2023 soon!


1.  Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA

This totally new Purse Ring is equipped with two gates, one at the top and the
other at the center, which employ the same mechanism as ASANO’s Auto Shackle.
Each gate can be released from two directions, front and side.
The easy gate opening operation brings safety and efficiency to work on board,
compared to using a conventional hook for the connecting part.


2.  Purse Ring Type O-Ⅱ

This single gate model which is a variation of Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA,
can be selected according to customer’s demand.
Asano’s Purse Rings help reduce the number of metal fittings needed to connect
a fishing net to the purse line. The incredible simplicity of the process helps make
connecting and releasing more efficient.


3.  Auto Shackle Type Ⅲ

This example shows a combination with an Auto Shackle, one of ASANO’s
longest-selling items, and a Purse coupling. The Auto Shackle can quickly be
connected and released, for increased productivity at work sites.
Below short movie shows actual Auto Shackle in use on the ocean.

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