Nice to See You, Aqua Nor !



Our first exhibit at Aqua Nor in Norway.

From 22nd to 24th August, ASANO will join the Aqua Nor, an important international meeting place
for the aquaculture industry and the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition held in Trondheim,
for the first time.


■ Venue: Trondheim Spektrum, Norway   (Open in Google Map)

■ Opening Hours: 22nd-24th August, 10.00am-17.00pm

■ ASANO Stand Number: G-714


We have been looking forward to this exciting opportunity to meet people in the industry
and to show our highly specialized products suited to fish farming.
Here, two main products we plan to bring from Japan to the exhibition.


1_Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ

In Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ Series, there are 3 types variations ; Type Ⅳ, Type Ⅳ-B and Type Ⅳ-A.

The Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ series developed to be used as a connecting  part for equipment such as
aquaculture nets and weights. Instead of underwater operation to release connected nets and weights,
which has conventionally been required each time, pulling a rope attached to the main body can open
the gate, releasing weights or other connected objects.

A plenty of units of this unique product have already been sold  to salmon farming in Chile.


2_AK Block Type PB-S

The AK Block Type PB-S series is a model that has been developed for aquaculture use.
Two types of sheave are available in the product lineup; Machined Nylon Sheave and Stainless Steel Sheave.
In particular, a model with a machined nylon sheave provides durability even when it is soaked in seawater.

The main body has a compact integrated structure that provides superior strength,
while designing so that sharp edges and corners of the main body are rounded to ensure
the design is easy on ropes and nets.

At our stand, of course you can see a number of products that we recommend with confidence,
including the above two products, and also can get our latest printed catalog at free!

We can’t wait for meeting you all at the exhibition in August!
See you at our stand G-714 in Aqua Nor 2023 held in Trondheim, Norway !!!

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