2023.06.12ASANO in use

ASANO in Use from Alaska



What Drives ASANO Forward.

Recently, we were very pleased to receive an email from a fisher in Alaska, U.S.A..
Attached to the email were photos of the ASANO product in use.

Tough Hanging Roller Type Ⅱ and Snap Hook.
These two products are more than just another ASANO product.


In 2013, ASANO exhibited for the first time at the world’s largest commercial fishing and
marine industry exhibition held in Seattle, USA. At the exhibition we heard the valuable
opinions of and listened to the problems faced by fishermen who face the rough seas every day.
Real opinions gathered in this way provided hints that brought forth ideas that lead to developing
these two important products. Since then, we have been able to move forward step by step
thanks to every one continuing to give us their opinion.


ASANO always welcomes your opinions and impressions about our products, as well as requests for
new developments.

Also, if you have any photos of ASANO products being used on-site, such as on board, please send a DM with them
to us from the official Instagram below. It will be a great encouragement for us to proceed with future development.


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