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This Month’s Feature: Harpoon Head



ASANO’s Hidden Gems

We have a varied product lineup.
As a this month’s feature, we will introduce a product that tend to be overlooked,
but that we should be recommending with confidence.

-Stainless steel harpoon head.
Among the stainless steel fishing gear that we have been involved in since 1977,
it has been used by Japanese tuna fishermen for a long time, and is currently being used by sports fishing enthusiasts overseas,
including those on the east coast of the United States.

Please keep a close eye on our stainless steel harpoon heads.

Wide Variety

You can select the most appropriate harpoon head suitable for your fishing methods or type of fish from the nine available types.

Superior Material

A stainless steel material that has superior resistance to seawater is used for ASANO’s Harpoon Head Series.
This material provides durability even with repeated use.

High Stainless 1:
Dual-phase steel. Excellent in abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
Used for sea water pumps and other industrial parts.

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