New Product Catalog is now available

We have just released the latest edition of the ‘ASANO Stainless Steel Product Catalog,’ detailing every feature of our extensive stainless steel products lineup of over 450 items. This catalog introduces our broad product lineup consisting of stainless steel blocks, fishing gear, ship equipment, rigging hardware, wire rope and more, detailing the extensive range of size variations available.




This new catalog also adds new stainless steel block and fishing gear products. These products draw upon opinions received from “those in the field”, and are packed with ideas and stylings unique to ASANO. The items we have on offer are richly featured, and combine both the durability and beauty of stainless steel to offer something sure to meet the needs of any professional, no matter the profession.



(left) Heavyduty Block Type PB-SⅡ

(center) Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ

(right) Purse Ring Type O-Ⅱ


Please take this opportunity to download it from the following button.

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Download our catalog, featuring over 150 pages of products designed to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals.


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