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This Month’s Feature: Heavyduty Block Type PB



The tough “Heavyduty Block” is reborn to be tougher

This product has been developed as an upgraded model of Heavyduty Block, which has gained a good reputation for its high working load limit in Japan as well as overseas. The fishing industry has faced many changes recently. As fishing vessels became larger, equipment that can withstand the increased power that the vessels produce became necessary. This has been developed against a background of such a shift in vessel size while taking safety and reliability into consideration along with various improvements such as the addition of two sets of steel bearings, which produces rotational stability.


A double sheave model under mass production. This will go on sale from autumn 2022.



Our special development approach

ASANO’s focus on manufacturing is displayed in this product. During the design process, we confirmed shapes in details using 3D printed plastic samples. To make improvements over our current model, we also conducted a strength analysis simulation. A double arm for the top part and a rib structure in the center of the main body distributes the applied load. Based on a detailed strength analysis, the design was changed to improve the strength compared to the current model while preventing an increase in weight.



For more information about the product, please check the product details page or YouTube below.


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