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This Month’s Feature: Purse Ring Type O-Ⅱ



A ground-breaking new purse ring is now available

ASANO develops many hardware for purse seine fishing. A purse ring is one of them. ASANO has a long history of developing purse rings, and our oldest catalog that shows a purse ring dates back to 1984. This time we would like to introduce brand-new Purse Ring Type O-Ⅱ, which has particularly high functionality among the products in the series.



Key Features

Purse rings connect a net and a rope (a purse line) at the bottom of the net used for purse seine fishing. Even though many manufacturers around the world sell purse rings with rollers that have various specifications and functions, Purse Ring Type O-Ⅱ has been developed for users who are specifically looking for high-spec stainless steel purse rings. The stainless steel used in this model is not general purpose stainless steel. By fully utilizing our expertise in manufacturing stainless steel products, We selected a material that has superior resistance to seawater.


Easy and simple connection

Purse Ring Type O-Ⅱ allows large rope knots and large diameter ropes to pass through easily with its 180mm opening. Furthermore, by using this, it is possible to reduce the number of metal fittings when connecting fishing nets and purse lines. It enables extremely simple connection and release operations and contributes to improving work efficiency.


Gate release from two directions

By adopting a proven the Auto Shackle mechanism for the gate part, the gate can be easily opened with a marine spike etc., and it is designed so that it can be operated from two directions, front and side.


We will continue to develop purse rings that are ideal for different fishing grounds and fishing methods. Please keep a close eye on our new products.


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