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This Month’s Feature: Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ



Want to reduce underwater work?

Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ series are designed for use with aquaculture nets.
The gate can be operated from above the water, reducing the need for under water work.


Assumed location of use

The Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ series has been developed for use in the connection between aquaculture nets and weights and etc..
In order to reduce the operations to be carried out under water to release connected nets and weights,
instead, you can simply pull a rope attached to this product to open the gate and release the connected components.
This reduces the workload and contributes to the improvement of work efficiency.

Key Features

Auto Shackle Type Ⅳ inherits the basic mechanism of the ASANO Auto Shackle series,
which is “quick release” and “secure rigging”. The gate can be released remotely by pulling a rope
attached to the main body. For Type IV-B, the rope hole is enlarged and the shape of the main body
is also designed to make it easier to pass the rope through the hole.

If the performance of the gate spring deteriorates, due to aging or other reasons,
it can be replaced with a new one. For Type Ⅳ-B, the spring can be replaced by removing the spring
pin in the main body using a tool such as a punch. For Type Ⅳ-A, replacement can be performed by
removing the screw on top using a hexagonal wrench.

How to work

1_Weight removal work, which previously required diver work,
can be done by pulling a rope from the surface of the sea.


2_By pulling the rope attached to the main body of Auto Shackle Type IV,
the gate can be released remotely and the weight is released.


3_This reduces the diver work. As a result, nets can be raised
when necessary and can be cleaned as appropriate.


4_In addition, since the gate can be closed easily and securely by hand,
the net and weight can be easily reconnected, contributing
to improved work efficiency.


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