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Designer’s Voice: Light Spike SG




Light Spike SG

One of my professional beliefs when it comes to manufacturing has been applied to Light Spike SG. The design of this spike makes users happy and thrilled when they hold it in their hands. When we participate in exhibitions overseas in countries such as the U.S., Norway, and Denmark, Light Spike SG is one of the products that guests often pick up and handle. We received compliments from participants such as  “Tools for everyday use can be this special and unique when they are created by ASANO”. We will continue to develop products with excellent design and functionalities.

3 characteristics of Light Spike SG

  1. Exceptionally light as the name suggests
  2. Effective form and surface finish
  3. Advanced workability at work sites

Conventional aluminum spikes are light but not strong, and machined spikes are strong but heavy. ASANO, by fully utilizing its superior casting technology, created Light Spike SG to overcome these problems. The average age of fishermen is rising around the world and this has created a need for tools that are lightweight, stress-free to use, and that have high workability. This spike has been developed considering these factors.


Another point worthy of mention

The material used is not general SUS304. Instead, special stainless steel with approximately 30% improved abrasion resistance and extraordinary strength is used. The key feature of this product is its light weight. However, light weight should not compromise strength. Light Spike SG is strong enough to be used with both metal wire ropes and textile ropes.



Following the Light Spike SG


At the moment, we are under developing another type of Light Spike SG. The name is Light Spike SG-K. We also understand that spikes with squared grip are preferred for work at different work sites. This newly developing spike fulfills such needs while maintaining light weight. The product is expected to go on sale around the fall of 2022.


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