Truly all-in-one: Purse Ring Type BL-Ⅱ

A brand new purse ring has just debuted from ASANO.

We have a wide variety of purse ring in our fishing gear product line up.
Among the products, this new purse ring with full of functions deserves great attention.

The newly equipped dual gate mechanism improves operability and contributes
to reducing metal fittings for connecting with nets and ropes.

An ideal purse seine fitting

The Purse Ring Type BL-Ⅱ is a newly developed model with improved operability
by adding a dual gate opening mechanism to the conventional Purse Ring Type BL (Size100).

One gate can be released from two directions by using a spike or the like.
The other gate can be opened with the press of a button.
This helps prevent the gate from being opened by accident, ensuring greater
safety while under the sea. The hook uses an interlocking system to securely
latch onto the product, allowing for a greater working load limit.

Superior material for tough conditions

The alloyed steel roller features a harder surface for use with metallic ropes.
Also, worn rollers can be replaced with new one using a hex key.


A stainless steel material that has superior resistance to seawater is used for Purse Ring Type BL-Ⅱ.
The characteristics of the material provides durability even when the product is used under seawater.

High Stainless 1:
Dual-phase steel. Excellent in abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
Used for sea water pumps and other industrial parts.

ASANO’s purse ring lineup

You can find more products to fit your fishing demand on our product lineup page.
Just check it out!

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