AK Block Type PB Double Sheave (with Stainless Bearing)


Many ideas have been incorporated into AK Block Type PB Double Sheave to demonstrate the distinctive characteristics of products manufactured by ASANO. This has a wide sheave pin supporting section and improved overall strength. The sheave has stainless steel bearings to achieve smooth rotation. Furthermore, we have developed a new unique structure on this model to strengthen the becket.

■Material: Special stainless steel, Swivel/swivel pin/sheave pin/becket pin/becket pin cover: SUS304

*The working load conforms to the working load of the bearings. *This product contains stainless bearings.


Key Features

  • Feature 01

    Unique becket structure

    Feature 01

    Unique becket structure

    A becket unique to this model is used. This has been designed for safety and is stronger than beckets used for existing models.

  • Feature 02

    Safer and smoother

    Feature 02

    Safer and smoother

    The design of the sheave pin socket has been widened to improve the strength of the main body. The bearings in the sheave facilitate smooth rotation.

  • Feature 03

    Bolt retainment through crimping

    Feature 03

    Bolt retainment through crimping

    The bolt edges of the sheave and becket pins are firmly fixed through crimping to prevent them from loosening.

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RFQ Drawing No. List Price Size (Sheave dia.)(mm) Max dia of rope(mm) d(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) D1(mm) B(mm) B1(mm) B2(mm) t(mm) t1(mm) Bearing nom. No.  Unit Weight(kg) Work Load Limit(kg)
AK10310 $287.25 50 14 10 158 29 83.5 36 57 14.5 13 20 77 6000 0.95 400
AK10311 $650.25 75 16 14.5 229 37.5 117 59 84 19 16.5 24 94 6002 2.35 600
AK10312 $1,010.25 100 22 16 282 43 141.5 78 109 22 19.5 28 110.5 6203 4.35 1000


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