Auto Shackle Type Ⅱ


The key feature of Auto Shackle Type II is its release operation. By pulling a cord attached to its body, you can open the gate instantly and easily. In addition, as you can pull the cord in any direction to open the gate, it is highly convenient for use on a ship. You can also open the gate by using a spike or other similar tool. An optional lock pin can prevent the gate from being opened by accident.

■Material: Special stainless steel

* This product is fishing gear. Do not use it as a hanging hook for cargo handling. * The gate may open unintentionally due to physical shock. Be sure to use a lock pin when sudden loads on connecting objects or the hardware are expected, or when the gate does not need to be opened for a long time.* The lock pin is sold separately. * If the gate is released while a load is applied, the main unit may be subjected to strong impact and the product may be damaged, or an accident may occur, such as a released load hitting the surrounding objects or people.


Key Features

  • Feature 01

    Gate release operation

    Feature 01

    Gate release operation

    The gate can be released remotely by pulling an attached rope. A spike can also be used to release the gate.

  • Feature 02

    Locking function of gate release

    Feature 02

    Locking function of gate release

    The gate can be locked with a separately-sold lock pin. The lock pin has an O-ring for loosening prevention to prevent it from falling off.

  • Feature 03

    A release cord guide

    Feature 03

    A release cord guide

    A guide for a release cord is created. The guide allows the gate to be released while the release cord is pulled from various directions.

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AK18231 $316.50 L 14 7 9 148 24 112 32 85 32 30 60 1100 2000


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