Light Spike SG


Spikes are used to interweave ropes. Many ideas have been incorporated into Light Spike SG to demonstrate the distinctive characteristics of products manufactured by ASANO, a stainless steel product specialist, that does not cut corners, even for spikes. This spike is different from currently marketed aluminum spikes that are light but not strong, and machined spikes that are heavy. ASANO's superior casting technology has been utilized to create Light Spike SG. By taking advantage of the characteristics of casting that allow creation of free forms, both functionality and design features have been incorporated into the spike.

■Material: Special stainless steel


Key Features

  • Feature 01

    It is lightweight as the name, "light", suggests.

    Feature 01

    It is lightweight as the name, "light", suggests.

    The handle section has been partially hollowed out to reduce overall weight, and when compared with ASANO's standard 25S size spike, which weighs approximately 700 g, Light Spike SG is the same size but almost half the weight, weighing just 375 g.

  • Feature 02

    Effective form and surface finish

    Feature 02

    Effective form and surface finish

    Grooves in the body that result in the product's cross section having a star shape reduce body weight and contact area with ropes, and alleviate friction-related resistance when manipulating ropes. Ropes smoothly slide on the mirror finish surface.

  • Feature 03

    Improved workability due to strength

    Feature 03

    Improved workability due to strength

    In order to not let light weight lead to weakness, we use special stainless steel for Light Spike SG. Light Spike SG is strong enough to be used with both metal wire ropes and textile ropes, and provides advanced workability.

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RFQ Drawing No. List Price Size  d(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) Unit Weight(g)
AK4295 $71.63 25S 25 300 110 190 375
AK4296 $76.98 25L 25 350 130 220 465
AK4297 $114.03 28S 28 350 130 220 535
AK4298 $124.00 28L 28 400 130 270 600
AK4299 $143.25 32L 32 400 130 270 750


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