Daruma Block Type PB (with Bearing) V sheave type


This item maintains consistently high popularity, even among the stainless-steel blocks ASANO is famous for. In 2017, we switched to forging of the swivel section to strengthen safety. We are constantly updating even our classic products. The V-shaped sheave is developed for the wire rope. The wire rope fits well because of this V-shaped groove.

■Material: Special stainless steel, Sheave: SCS1 (equivalent to SUS410), Sheave pin/swivel/swivel pin/toggle pin/stopper pin: SUS304

*The working load does not apply to the becket part. *The working load conforms to the working load of the bearings. *This product contains two steel bearings with rubber seals. 


Key Features

  • Feature 01

    Measures against toggle pin release

    Feature 01

    Measures against toggle pin release

    The toggle pin can be removed only when the toggle pin plate is aligned with the notch (groove). This is to prevent the unintended release of the toggle pin. Vibrations may cause unintentional position alignment. To prevent this, bind the holes on the toggle pin plate and block body with a wire.

  • Feature 02

    Measures against loose nuts

    Feature 02

    Measures against loose nuts

    The invented special nut offers loose nut preventive function. ① Pull the double ring. ② Turn the special nut while pulling the ring. * The pin will be released only by pulling the double ring. The pin will be caught when turning the special nut without pulling it. Be sure to keep pulling when turning.

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RFQ Drawing No. List Price Size (Sheave dia.)(mm) Max dia of rope(mm) d(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) D1(mm) B(mm) B1(mm) B2(mm) t(mm) t1(mm) Hex. Wrench dia.(mm) Bearing nom. No.  Unit Weight(kg) Work Load Limit(t)
AK1690 $594.00 75 16 14.5 214 38 111 59 83 19 8.5 21 45 4 6202 1.3 0.7
AK1696 $346.50 100 16 16 268 44 134 84 110 22 10.5 25 56 5 6304 2.6 1.6


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