Casting articles made of stainless steel

Material Corresponding materials Characteristics and usage
SCS1 SUS410 Higher in strength than SCS13, but lower in corrosion resistance. Used for rollers and machine parts.
SCS2 SUS420J1 Higher in hardness than SCS1, due to tempering. Used for paper production and water purification systems.
SCS11 SUS329J1 Dual-phase steel. Excellent in abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Used for sea water pumps and other industrial parts.
SCS13 SUS304 The most widely used material. Used for valves, pumps, construction materials, and other industrial parts.
SCS14 SUS316 Higher in corrosion resistance than SCS13. Used for valves, pumps, food processing machines, and other industrial parts.
SCS16 SUS316L Higher in intergranular corrosion resistance than SCS14. Used for chemical and medical machine parts.
SCS18 SUS310S Excellent in hot corrosion resistance. Used for chemical machine parts.
SCS24 SUS630 High strength, excellent in abrasion resistance. Corrosion resistant. Used for paper production parts and machine parts.

Stainless heat-resistant steel

Material Corresponding materials Characteristics and usage
SCH2 - Used for fire grates of incinerators.
SCH11 - Used for fire grates of incinerators, fittings for kilns, and industrial furnace parts.
SCH13 (SUS309S) General heat-resistance steel. Used for furnace floors, fittings in furnaces, and industrial furnace parts.
SCH22 (SUS310S) Excellent in heat resistance and high thermal resistance. Used for heat resistant rollers, furnace stands, skid rails, and crematory furnace parts.


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