Sea and Land

We respond to the needs of the present age with proven technology nurtured by our long history.


Founded in Go-no-cho, Sanjo, Niigata, Japan, the company first
manufactured wooden articles for two generations.

August, 1944

Established Asano Metal Industry Company (capitalized at 145,000 yen)
at 301 Yokka-machi, Sanjo.

Started manufacturing pig iron castings.

June, 1960

Established a new pig iron casting factory at 1135 Shinbo, Sanjo. Began manufacturing two kinds of malleable
cast iron at 301 Yokka-machi, Sanjo.

Nov, 1967

Increased the capital to 3.5 million yen.

July, 1968

Discontinued manufacturing pig iron casting. Started to concentrate on malleable
iron casting and expanding the business.

Established a new factory at Tsukioka, Sanjo, and shifted the former factories from Shinbo and Yokka-machi.

Renewed all equipment to improve precision and quality control.

June, 1969

Increased the capital to 7 million yen. Established a new stainless casting factory.

October, 1975

Increased the capital to 14 million yen.

April, 1977

Started manufacture of fishing gear and ship equipment.

Started direct marketing all over Japan.

October, 1981

Discontinued malleable iron casting to concentrate on stainless steel to expand

June, 1984

Enlarged the factory and introduced the latest equipment to accept massive orders of stainless steel.

January, 1986

Started to manufacture all stainless steel snow melting sprinkler nozzles.

October, 1987

Entered into production of Physical Education equipment. Introduced numerous products to the marketplace, including patented inventions like tennis net posts.

March, 1988

Improved automatic sand process equipment to streamline the stainless steel production with the aim of accepting more orders.


Introduced the automatic warehousing system to streamline delivery, inventory, and logistics

Renewed equipment to further improve quality.


Introduced a CAD system to respond to the diverse needs of the age and speed
up development.

Increased the capital to 20 million yen.


Started research of aluminum casting to meet diverse needs.


Constructed the present head office and warehouse to expand the business, and conducted streamlining.


Introduced a new computer system to enhance our core business.

Introduced a new CAD system to strengthen planning and development.


Introduced a new logistic system to accept small lot production in great varieties.

March, 2001

Introduced high frequency electric furnaces: one 350 kg and one 150 kg.

May, 2002

Introduced 3D CAD, which helped streamline development processes and improve designability.

July, 2004

Introduced a 3D modeling machine to model designs and simulate basic structures.


Published our website.

December, 2007

Extended the automatic warehousing system to further streamline logistic management.


Started to accept quotes and inquiries through our website to speed up provision of information.

September, 2011

Launched the English version of our website to gain overseas business development.

July, 2013

Fully updated our website, and started to provide detailed product information, such as installation manuals,
instruction manuals, and referential design price tables.

September, 2017

Launched our online shopping site in Japanese to create a highly convenient order receiving system.

February, 2018

Completely refurbished the office to make business operations more efficient.

July, 2021

Spun off our overseas sales division as an independent company, with the goal of expanding overseas business.



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