Asano Metal Industry is a stainless steel product manufacturer located in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, with over 70 years of history and expertise in planning and development.

Asano highly values customer feedbacks and carefully considers production methods. Our products, such as stainless steel blocks, fishing gear, and ship equipment, are used not only in Japan but also in areas around the world, including the US, Spain, Norway, Mexico and Australia.

Products loved by professionals of the sea.
Take a look at ASANO's extensive lineup.

ASANO Manufacturing


Skillfully manipulating stainless
steel materials

Providing products with characteristics that are
most appropriate for the required usage conditions
by utilizing long-held knowledge about stainless steel
materials and broad experience in casting.


Extensive knowledge of
manufacturing methods

Achieving maximum product performance
and responding to requirements of respective usage
environments without fail by using both casting
and forging manufacturing methods.


Designing shapes without limita-tions

The basis of ASANO design is integral molding.
Making the best use of 3D design, we diligently carry out pro-cesses from product conception to realization of top quality products.

ASANO People

Noboru WATANABEDesign and Purchase Division

The real pleasure is commercializing opinions from the field and making improvements with user feedback.

ASANO's strength is its quick response to user opinions. As a manufacturer specializing in stainless steel products, we strive to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations by leveraging our long-standing knowledge and experience.

Shota ONOOverseas Project Division

Expectations for ASANO at world exhibitions.

At overseas exhibitions, I'm pleased to hear the words, “This is what I wanted!” We value the stance of utilizing the voices of users in development, as well as communication with customers.

Products loved by professionals of the sea.
Take a look at ASANO's extensive lineup.

Product Features

Stainless Block

Feature 01 Best balance of strength and
lightweight properties

Many of ASANO’ s blocks use stainless steel casting-integrated bodies.
The carefully crafted main bodies, e.g. ribs, are created in sections requiring strength, to which force is applied so that such sections develop strength, lightness, and compact
characteristics simultaneously.

Feature 02 Combination of casting and
forging suitable for required

ASANO has superior casting capabilities that enable shapes to be formed with a high degree of freedom.
Combining both casting and forging produces products that are compact and lightweight as well as strong, both of which are characteristics that are difficult to develop at the same time.

Feature 03 Design that prevents nets and ropes
from becoming entangled and damaged

Both ends of the sheave are fitted into the main body to eliminate the clearance between the sheave and main body. ASANO always pays extremly high attention to detail in this original design that does not damage tools, such as ropes and nets.

Feature 04 Smooth sheave rotation and captive pin

ASANO’ s blocks containing bearings have shield bearings to ensure
smooth rotation even after having been used for an extended period of time.
In addition, the end of the bolt are caulked so that it prevents bolts from
unexpectedly coming loose and sheaves from coming off.

Feature 05 Superior seawater resistance thanks
to special stainless steel

Realizing that many blocks are used in extreme environments, many block products are manufactured from special stainless steel.
This special stainless steel offers superior corrosion- and abrasion-resistant characteristics, and extends the product life which subsequently reduces costs.

Products loved by professionals of the sea.
Take a look at ASANO's extensive lineup.

Fishing Gear &
Ship Equipment

Feature 01 Adoption of special stainless
steel that meets fishing industry

ASANO’ s fishing gear uses special stainless steel with superior corrosion- and abrasion-resistance.
We analyze the characteristics of raw materials, such as hardness and tenacity, and manufacture products suitable for
locations and intended purposes of products based on our experience.

Feature 02 Well-thought out practicality
and functionality

Our products are derived from ASANO’ s monodzukuri(manufacturing) and are suitable for demanding professional work environments. For example , the Snap Hook with 1.3 tons working load limit is compact and fits snugly into hand, while its round shape is easy on ropes.

Feature 03 Strength and sophisticated form
achieved by our casting techniques

The strength of the 3-Way Roller has been enhanced by integrating the main body using casting.
Its curved body prevents ropes from becoming caught. ASANO’ s superior casting technology has been applied to create beautifully finished quality.

Feature 04 User oriented rapid product

Based on the valuable opinions obtained not only from users in Japan, but also from fishermen abroad, designing shapes suitable for various tasks is executed, and products are manufactured while confirming the shapes using 3D printed samples.

Feature 05 Pioneer of fishing industry products

ASANO started manufacturing stainless steel fishing gear and ship equipmentsin 1977.
Among many products, our legacy product, the Auto Shackle, was developed ahead of other companies over 20 years ago. Its functions proved innovetive and the product has received overwhelming support .

Feature 06 Products appreciated on the world’ s oceans

The variation and special features of ASANO’ s products have proven popular and highly evaluated by fishermen in Japan for years.
Currently, our products are being used for round haul net fishing and longline fishing in the oceans of various countries around the world such as U.S.A., Spain, Norway, Mexico and Australia.

Products loved by professionals of the sea.
Take a look at ASANO's extensive lineup.


Are the products made in Japan?
ASANO products are manufactured in subcontract factories in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea, according to the characteristics of each factory.
At the head office in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, we deliver products at convincing prices by manufacturing products, which are carefully designed and developed based on opinions from the field, at the most suitable factory.
Can I directly purchase products I want?
Yes, we sell directly to fishing gear stores and fishing net manufacturers.
(Except for some regions)
Please visit our website for estimates and product inquiries.
Products are available even from one piece.
ASANO only deals with B2B transactions and does not sell directly to individuals (such as fishermen).
Can I see the products?
ASANO will send product samples upon request. (Except for individuals)
Please visit our website.
We also participate in exhibitions in Europe and USA.
There, you can see many ASANO products.

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